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Something to chew on » New Zealand man sets up ‘stick library’ for his local dog park

The Guardian »

A New Zealand man has created a “stick library” for his local dog park as a way to recycle branches from tree pruning.

Andrew Taylor, of north Canterbury in the South Island, cut a dozen tree branches down to “stick” size for the community’s four-legged friends, and smoothed away the rough edges using tools he had around the house.

Taylor then built a box to hold the sticks and engraved the words “Stick Library” on it and the words “please return”.

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This is America » Surveillance footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell during “suicide attempt” has gone missing

Jeffrey Epstein

Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News »

Surveillance footage of the outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell at the troubled Metropolitan Correctional Center during his suicide attempt has gone missing, prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Swergold admitted nobody can find the footage of the outside of the cell the multimillionaire perv shared with accused quadruple murderer Nick Tartaglione during a hearing in White Plains District Court. Tartaglione, a former Briarcliff Manor cop, faces the death penalty for the alleged murders in a drug deal gone bad.

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This is America » Burning a flag vs raping a child

In today’s America, one person be sentenced to 16 years in prison for setting a flag on fire and within days a convict be pardoned for raping a 9 year old child.

This is so sad.

I’m not condoning the burning for the Pride flag, but surely, raping a child, raping anyone, is still much more serious, even in Trump’s America.

Watch » Facing It

A brilliant animated short film by Sam Gainsborough about social anxiety.

via Vimeo »

Shaun always feels separate and isolated from the confident, happy world around him. Whilst waiting for his parents in a busy pub, Shaun struggles valiantly to join in with the admirably happy people in the crowd, but the more he tries, the more he goes awry. As everything in the pub goes from bad to worse, Shaun finds himself confronted by the painful memories that made him who he is. His feelings, memories and desires overwhelm him and by the end of the evening he is ready to explode…

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Michelle Obama sends Greta Thunberg message of support

The simple fool proving once again just how lacking in good judgment he is »

The Guardian »

Michelle Obama has sent a public message of support to the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg after the teenager was mocked by Donald Trump.

“@GretaThunberg, Don’t let anyone dim your light,” the former first lady wrote following a visit to Vietnam. “Like the girls I’ve met in Vietnam and all over the world, you have so much to offer us all. Ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on.”

The former First Lady’s Tweet »

Meet Seven, the man who only wears red and white

Great Big Story via YouTube »

Meet Seven (yes, that’s his real name). He lives in Bangalore, India, and he wears nothing but red and white. And he drives a red and white car. And every item in his home is… Can you guess? This is the story of how one man came to show his true colours.

A video guide to electronic components

Video » Inside Dubai’s camel hospital

Another Russian Doping Scandal » The World Anti-Doping Agency pushes to ban Russia from Tokyo Olympics after positive drugs tests had been deleted from a database at a Moscow lab

Sean Ingle »

Russia faces a four-year ban from global sport after World Anti-Doping Agency investigators found that a number of positive drugs tests were deleted from a database it extracted from a Moscow laboratory in January.

The recommendations, if approved by Wada’s executive committee in a meeting in Paris on 9 December, would likely lead to Russian athletes and teams being barred from next year’s Tokyo Olympics as well as a host of other major sporting competitions.

Wada’s compliance review committee has also recommended stripping Russia of sports events already awarded to the country “unless it is legally or practically impossible to do so” and for Russian government officials to be barred from attending sporting events for the next your years. A ban for the same period on flying the Russian flag at major competitions would also apply.

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French court rules ducks may carry on quacking

Reuters » 

The ducks on a small French smallholding may carry on quacking, a French court ruled on Tuesday, rejecting a neighbour’s complaint that the birds’ racket was making their life a misery.

The court in the town of Dax ruled that the noise from the flock of around 60 ducks and geese kept by retired farmer Dominique Douthe in the foothills of the Pyrenees, southwestern France, was within acceptable limits, broadcaster France 3 said.

“The ducks have won,” Douthe told Reuters after the court decision. “I’m very happy because I didn’t want to slaughter my ducks.”

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