When folding bike manufacturer Brompton developed their Explore Edition, they contacted Alastair Humphreys about working together.

In short order, Humphreys teamed up with his good friend and filmmaker Temujin Doran to go on this folding-bike-rafting expedition to Suilven together.

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Brompton, via YouTube says »

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys has form for taking Brompton bikes to remote places – we first came across him 8 years ago following his trip to Muckle Flugga in the Shetlands with a Brompton which inspired us with the possibilities the bike offered.

So when it came to testing out the new Explore Edition, we knew exactly who to pick up the phone to – did Alastair have any ideas for an adventure that could start in the city and show how you could get into the great outdoors with a Brompton for the weekend? Of course he did…

Bugging him since the first time he saw it, the summit of Suilven had been tempting him to the Scottish Highlands for a while. So with filmmaker Tem, they headed off and this film is the result.

Climbing Suilven by Norman MacCaig »

I nod and nod to my own shadow and thrust
A mountain down and down.
Between my feet a loch shines in the brown,
It’s silver paper crinkled and edged with rust.
My lungs say No;
But down and down this treadmill hill must go.

Parishes dwindle. But my parish is
This stone, that tuft, this stone
And the cramped quarters of my flesh and bone.
I claw that tall horizon down to this;
And suddenly
My shadow jumps huge miles away from me.

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