Mikah Meyer started with the easiest, most accessible US National Parks, finishing up three years later with some of the most remote parks.

He started his road trip to honour of his late father, a Lutheran pastor, died of cancer. And during his journey, the goals of his journey grew and shifted.

On his website, Meyer states » “I’m on a mission to share all 419 U.S. national parks, be a new type of LGBT role model, and use travel to change the world for the better.”

LaRell Reynolds writing for CNN:

After 1,095 days and more than 75,000 miles on the road, Mikah Meyer is home, having fulfilled his dream of visiting all 419 US national parks in a single, grueling journey.

Meyer, 33, set out three years ago on an ambitious road trip in honor of his late father, leaving behind his life in Washington, D.C., and taking up residence in a cargo van. “Life is too short to delay your dreams,” Meyer says. It’s a mantra he repeated to himself as he ventured solo across the United States.


Meyer rolled into Washington DC on April 29, closing the loop on an epic journey three years to the minute after it began. His return coincided with the 14th anniversary of his father’s death.

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Updated June 4, 2019

Lonely Planet » How one man visited all 419 national parks in the US in one journey

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