Colorado State University has started a certificate program focused on the business behind adventure to service Colorado’s booming adventure travel industry. CSU’s graduate level program will concentrate on entrepreneurship, advocacy for the environment, and lobbying for changes in public policy.

Kassondra Cloos, writing on

Every year, an estimated $28 billion is spent in Colorado on activities like camping, hiking, skiing, rafting, climbing, and hunting. But the people who work in adventure industries often have no formal education specific to their job, which can make it challenging to rise up the corporate ranks after a certain point. Thanks to a new program at Colorado State University focused on the business behind adventure, that’s about to change.

The Graduate Certificate in Adventure Tourism is a 12-credit online program starting this month that focuses on topics like how to build an adventure tourism business, how to plan and lead adventures, how to brand, sell, and distribute outdoor gear, and how to market it all.

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