Trekking from the Sunshine Village (AB) ski resort near Banff to Mount Shark (AB) along the Alberta (AB) / British Columbia (BC) provincial border.

Rick McCharles at Best Hike calls this one of the world’s ten best.

The folks in this video did the hike in 4 days. Best Hike recommends 6 days.

This area is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site which includes the contiguous national parks of Banff (AB), Jasper (AB), Kootenay (BC) and Yoho (BC), as well as the Mount Robson (BC), Mount Assiniboine (BC) and Hamber (B.C.) provincial parks.

Video below…

Yeti Adventure Films on YouTube, writes »

If you’re looking for a relatively painless way to see some of the finest examples of pristine Canadian backcountry, look no further than this incredible trek. Fantastic trail. Wonderful campsite locations. Truly unbelievable views all around. It’s a remarkable adventure.

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