Mongolia!! The name of this landlocked Asian country has a magical ring to it. We could not think of Mongolia without our minds drifting on the image of the legendary Genghis Khan. Born in the 1160s, he spent his early life assembling a dedicated army of nomads from the immense grasslands of the Gobi, at 500,000 square miles, the fifth largest desert in the world. His fierce warriors were relentless. They could ride day and night, making a slice in their horses’ neck to drink the blood. By 1279 Mongols had gained full control of all of China, undeterred by the Great Wall. See how well walls work?

Read more of Gary and Monica Wescott’s overland adventures through Mongolia in October 2014

Mongolia # 1 – Land of Genghis Khan

Mongolia # 2 – Heading west on the Main Highway

Mongolia # 3 – Heading west to Olgii

Mongolia #4 – Olgii’s Golden Eagle Festival – Day 1

Mongolia #5 – Olgii’s Golden Eagle Festival – Day 2

Mongolia #6 -Monika’s Birthday in Olgii

Mongolia #7 – Visas and Suspension

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