Canadian Thomas Vijayan has been named the World Nature Photographer of the Year for 2020 for his image of an orangutan.

© Thomas Vijayan

I had this frame in my mind so firstly, so to get this shot, I firstly selected a tree that was in the water so that I can get a good reflection of the sky which can make the image look upside down, then I climbed up on the tree and waited for hours. This is a regular path for the orangutans to cross to another small island so I was sure to get this frame if I wait patiently. Hence I waited and waited for long and finally, I got this beautiful frame. This frame will confuse the viewers in one look and that makes it a unique one. It was indeed a tough task but the end result paid it off in double fold. Borneo is a photographers paradise I really enjoyed shooting them in untouched part of the world. But it was equally challenging as reaching few spots in Borneo as it is a difficult and complicated too.

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