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For many reasons, soft bags are the way to go. They cinch down with less stuff, so, as you’re rolling along, consuming food, you can make your bags smaller.

The lightweight traveler should always factor in bulk as well as weight. You may look at the cost of an ultra-light sleeping bag and think, “I can put $400 of gas in my bike and ride through most of Central America for that price.” The difference—and you’ll feel it after the first sandy road in Baja—is you’re getting a good-quality bag that weighs 19 ounces and packs down to the size of a football, instead of something that, although much cheaper, can weigh more than 5 pounds, and doesn’t even fit in your panniers when rolled up.

Some true diehards out there can ride for a month with a tarp and a match, but that’s not for this Girl Scout.

  • Use Stuff Sacks for Everything
  • Spread the Weight
  • Ditch Some Comfort
  • Shrink Your Towel
  • Buy as You Go
  • Bring Dual-purpose Gear

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