Primus is offering to send users needed parts to repair their Primus stove, for free. They are doing their part to keep stoves out of landfills and to remind users that they can fix things when they break.

The past few decades have introduced a throw-away culture that was strongly influenced by consumerism and the thought that products should be disposable. With the current state of the environment, more people than ever have shown interest in sustainable brands/products and are interested in maintaining and repairing their belongings when they wear out. We never subscribed to this trend and have instead ensured the opportunity to service and maintain our stoves since 1892!

While human life expectancy has increased drastically the past 100 years, life expectancy of the products around us appear to decrease. We know that between 55% and 65% of greenhouse emissions come from the handling of material, resources and products from cradle to grave. By extending the life of our products, it has a substantial positive impact on the climate and environment.

Our goal is simple – develop products that last a lifetime. As time passes certain parts wear down, a jet nipple gets lost on a camping trip, a screw unscrews, and your stove gets dirty. That’s when it’s good to know that you can extend the life of your stove with a bit of upkeep/cleaning and with the variety of spare parts available for you.

The program runs until March 31. Click here to find the details of the program here.

This page was last updated on 2021.03.10