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CBRE, a U.S.-based commercial real estate and investment firm, recently ranked Toronto as the fastest-growing tech center in North America, with Vancouver and Montreal not far behind.

Long overlooked by the global tech community, Canada’s tech industry is coming into its own. In recent years, several U.S. tech giants have established offices here, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Last November, Fujitsu placed its global artificial intelligence (AI) center in Vancouver, British Columbia – not Silicon Valley.


Through its Superclusters initiative, Canada has invested more than a billion dollars in AI research and development in just the past three years. A first-of-its-kind initiative for the country, the initiative has seen cities from Toronto and Vancouver, B.C. to Montreal and Edmonton emerge as significant centers of AI innovation.

With federal funding and encouragement, top universities across Canada have incorporated AI into every part of their curricula. If you are a student taking a college accounting course, you will also learn about the latest AI tools in the field and where it’s heading. This means thousands of graduates from Canadian universities understand and appreciate the power of AI as they enter the workforce, in addition to the already abundant reservoir of talented data scientists.

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