We last saw Noraly trying to leave Malaysia.

We catch up with her in Oman, but without her Royal Enfield. However, nothing seems to deter this adventurous woman.

Ep. 41 – Shipping of Basanti from Kuala Lumpur to Oman is delayed by two weeks because of logistical problems with the airlines. But Noraly still goes off-road riding in Oman

Ep. 42 – Noraly continues picking up new skills on her side trip through Wadi Al Arbeieen, Muscat

Ep. 43 – While Noraly awaits the delivery of her Royal Enfield, she rents another motorcycle and heads off to Jebel Shams

Ep. 44 – Scaling the Salmah Plateau by motorcycle

Ep. 45 – Riding down the Salmah Plateau

Ep. 46 – Noraly’s Royal Enfield finally arrives in Oman, but Customs officials are not quick to release her.

Ep. 47 – Noraly is finally able to leave Muscat aboard her Royal Enfield and rides to Jalan Bani

Ep. 48 – Rides to Masirah Island

Ep. 49 – Noraly heads north, crossing the desert, on her way to Sinaw

Ep. 50 – Heading for the hills and onto Sohar

Onto the UAE…