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Landcruising Adventure: Travel Guide for Overlanding in Russia

In this updated travel guide, Coen and Karin-Marijke of Landcruising Adventure provide some advice for travel in eastern Russia.

  1. Why Eastern Russia
  2. Their Traveled Route in Russia
  3. Russian Language
  4. Who is Yuri
  5. Ferry Shipping from South Korea & Customs Clearance
  6. Vehicle Insurance
  7. Mobile Service / Sim Card / WiFi
  8. Roads in Russia’s Far East and Siberia
  9. Traffic Rules, Border Areas, and Police Checks
  10. Road Maps & (Guide) books about Russia
  11. A Word on Ticks
  12. Additional Travel Information Sources

Their guide is available here…

Starting An Off-Road Adventure in Russia

Karin-Marijke Vis and Coen Wubbels of Landcruising Adventure:

Saturday morning Maxim, Anastasia, Alexey, and Irinka caught up with us, finding us camped on a cliff enveloped by a thick mist that blocked any view of the spectacular bay below us. After having spent five days in the classroom learning Russian with the sun was out in full force, the mist and drizzle decided to dominate for the coming week.

To return to the main road, we had to ascend the trail we had descended the night before. Here deep ruts with splashed-around mud now served as a memory to where we had struggled for an hour with the MaxTrax to get out.

Our heavy truck drove in the middle so if stuck again, we’d have options on both sides to be pulled out. But, more alert this time, Coen gunned it where necessary and we jumped up the hill over rocks, fishtailed through the muddy section and returned to a bumpy rocky section once more. We were out.

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