The last post about Noraly’s world wide adventure saw her riding through the UAE and take the ferry to Iran.

Now we catchup with her as she rides through Iran.

Ep. 54 – First ride in Iran – from Bandar Abbas to Rayen

Ep. 55 – Riding to the world’s hottest place, the Lut Desert, and then onto Kalouts

Ep. 56 – Riding to Yazd

Ep. 57 – Riding around Yazd
Noraly checks out a 1000 year old village and a sacred site

Ep. 58 – Riding from Yazd to Isfahan
Fighting the notoriously poor Iranian drivers

Ep. 59 – Riding from Isfahan to Kashan

Ep. 60 – Noraly is riding to Tehran and checking to check if her visa to Turkmenistan has been approved

Ep. 61 – Tehran to Sari

Ep. 62 – The Royal Enfield gets stuck and breaks down on a deserted road

Ep. 63 – Iranians repeatedly come to the assistance of Noraly and her broken Royal Enfield
Noraly returns to Sari

Ep. 64 – Noraly heads towards Mashad, 750 kms away

Ep. 65 – Noraly picks up her visa for Turkmenistan in Mashad and heads for the border

Onto Turkmenistan…