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Inspiring 60-year-young solo female Dot Bekker overlands the African western route in a two-wheel drive Sprinter van from Europe to Zimbabwe

Dot answers a lot of questions about travelling overland solo through Africa in a 2WD van. She offers proof that it can be done.

Dot Bekker tells of her adventures returning home to Zimbabwe after a failed 22 year marriage in Europe. She paid £1,700 for her old two-wheel drive Sprinter, built the interior herself for less than €2,000, using many reclaimed materials, and set about on her inspiring adventure. Dot drove over 20,000 km through more than 20 countries and is now helping educate and inspire young women in Zimbabwe.

Marion et Anatole, the young couple who did the interview, set off from France to explore Africa in 2018. Their YouTube channel is well worth following if you understand French. They offer lots of useful, practical information about overlanding in Africa, all based on their experiences.


Video » Climbing Kilimanjaro


Laurence Hills:

The film was shot over 7 days climbing to the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Walk from the rich forests brimming with vegetation and wildlife to the arid and lifeless arctic zone at 19,000 feet above sea level.

The Telegraph has 25 suggestions for life-changing solo holidays

Heading out on a solo adventure can be one of the most rewarding travel experiences. It also comes with unique challenges.  Anna McNuff, Trisha Andres, Emma Thomson, Lois Pryce, and Richard Madden, writing for The Telegraph have put together a list of holidays the intrepid traveller can do alone. Some of the more adventurous include:

  • A multi- day hike through Bolivia, starting from the sprawling city of La Paz
  • Head off in search of the Northern Lights and explore the wilderness of Finland
  • Pedal through the Swiss and Italian Alps
  • Horseback riding in Argentina at Estancia La Rosita in northern Argentina
  • Meet the tribes of Papua New Guinea
  • Dog-sledding across frozen lakes in northern Finland
  • Survival skills in the African bush
  • Learn to dive in Zanzibar