Some are looking for better pay, for others the motivation is opportunity for growth, or a better quality of life, and for others it may be for more corny reasons.

Brandie Weikle, writing for CBC News »

The Indeed research found that better pay was the most common reason respondents changed careers, with 63 per cent citing it as their main motivation. But 57 per cent of those who switched said they did so because they wanted more opportunity for growth.

Like Norton, 47 per cent said they enrolled in education and training programs to execute their career transformation.

Because of his long tenure as a teacher, Norton’s job as a firefighter came with a 30 per cent pay cut. But after about 3.5 years, Norton will move up pay grades and match his previous compensation.

Navarre Bailey also took a pay cut with his career change in 2017. After 13 years in corporate marketing roles, Bailey no longer felt good about how he was making a living.