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Under the guise of a minority victory for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, Canadians have given themselves a Parliament that better reflects their deepening divisions than a common national purpose.

If anything, the election stands to exacerbate rising tensions between parts of the federation.

In each and every case the capacity of Canada’s main parties to speak for the country has been diminished.


On the morning after the 2015 election, many progressive swing voters celebrated Trudeau’s accession to power. This year, most of them are first and foremost celebrating Andrew Scheer’s defeat.

As expected, Prairie voters massively deserted the Liberals. With no Liberal seat in Alberta, that province will spend the next few years looking on federal power from the opposition benches.


If there is one issue that is not going off the radar over the next months and years, it is climate change.

The Conservatives have spent the past two years all but inviting voters who worry about the planet’s top-of-mind environmental issue to shop elsewhere.

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