Volkswagen ID.3 to cost €23,430 in Germany, that’s less than the Golf [Updated]

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3

Despite rumours of problems with the car’s software, Volkswagen plans to deliver 30,000 units of its new ID.3 battery-electric hatchback starting in a few months.

VW claims that ownership costs for its ID.3 — in Europe, where fuel prices are generally higher — will be lower than for a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle.

Jonathon Ramsey, Autoblog »

The carmaker says the base ID.3 will cost €23,430 ($26,020 U.S.) in Germany after the €6,000 ($6,663 U.S.) environmental bonus the government offers for electric vehicles. That buys the 148-horsepower EV with the smallest 45-kWh battery and a range of up to 205 miles on the WLTP cycle.

The ID.3’s price would be €2,470 ($2,743 U.S.) less than the e-Golf based on the Mk7 Golf platform, and €3,360 ($3,731 U.S.) less than the new ICE-powered Mk8 Golf. On top of that, Volkswagen believes owners will save roughly €840 ($933 U.S.) per year thanks to lower refueling and insurance costs, and not having to pay for oil changes or the road vehicle tax. The savings come with packaging benefits, too. The MEB-based electric car is almost an inch longer than the new Golf and 0.8 inch wider, on a wheelbase that’s 5.7 inches longer. The wheelbase translates into rear passenger legroom equivalent to a Passat, although that takes a chunk out of cargo room with the rear seats up — the ID.3 can swallow 13.6 cubic feet, the outgoing Mk7 Golf holds 17.4 cu. ft.

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Tesla start deliveries of the Model Y on Friday, March 13 [Updated]

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Known for delivery delays, Tesla‘s highly-anticipated Model Y being delivered to customers in the U.S., 6 months ahead of schedule.

Sean Szymkowski, CNET Roadshow »

Electrek first reported news of a handful of customers receiving text messages and other confirmations via their Tesla accounts that they should have their new Model Y SUVs in their garages by Friday, March 13. Previously, Tesla said deliveries would begin as early as March 15 and continue throughout the month. The automaker didn’t immediately return a request for comment on its delivery schedule timeline.

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» Download the Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual for North America.

Updated March 16, 2020

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[Updated] The Detroit Bureau take the Kia Niro EV EX Premium for a winter test drive, and concludes electric vehicles really can be used as everyday drivers

Kia Niro EV

Kia Niro EV

Joseph Szczesny, The Detroit Bureau »

It was at or just above freezing during much of my test of the Niro and it did well. It started in the morning, heated up quickly during a drive, and the need for heat didn’t seem to diminish the battery. According to the gauges tracking the life of the Niro’s battery, the range seemed to improve on the day the temperature pushed past the 40-degree mark.

Overall, however, the Niro performed well under standard driving conditions and it was fun to drive because of its quick acceleration, more than ample torque and low center of gravity, which gave it nice balance coming through curves with a firm, well-planted feeling that is reminiscent of sport sedans with well-tuned suspension.

» Torque News took a Niro EV out for a winter drive in New England back in February

[Updated] Study concludes that harmful particle matter from tire wear is significantly higher than emissions coming from the tailpipes of modern fuel-burning vehicles


A report by Emissions Analytics, an independent emissions-testing agency based in Oxford, England, has concluded that tire wear emissions can be 1,000 times worse than the pollution coming out of a modern fuel-burning vehicle’s tailpipe.

Emissions Analytics » (Press Release)

Pollution from tyre wear can be 1,000 times worse than what comes out of a car’s exhaust, Emissions Analytics has found.

Harmful particle matter from tyres – and also brakes – is a very serious and growing environmental problem, one that is being exacerbated by the increasing popularity of large, heavy vehicles such as SUVs, and growing demand for electric vehicles, which are heavier than standard cars because of their batteries.

What’s more, vehicle tyre wear pollution is completely unregulated, unlike exhaust emissions which have been rapidly reduced by car makers thanks to the pressure placed on them by European emissions standards. New cars now emit very little in the way of particulate matter but there is growing concern around ‘non-exhaust emissions’.

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Updated March 12, 2020

Autoblog made light of this important environmental study by posting this photo with their report. The photo has since been removed.

[Updated] Tesla gets banned from the Kansas City Auto Show

Tesla was banned from the Kansas City Auto Show because the Missouri Auto Dealers Association (MADA) continues to resist the automaker’s direct sales model as they haven’t yet realized we are in the 21st century.

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Updated March 11, 2020

Meanwhile, a Colorado bill would allow electric vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to customers.

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Updated March 16, 2020

electrive » Tesla owners represent “their” company in Kansas

[Updated] The redesigned Fiat 500 is longer, wider, all electric, only electric, and available only as a limited edition for 2020

Presented to the public the first time in Milan, Italy, the 2020 Fiat 500 “la Prima”, by Olivier Francois, President Fiat Brand Global.

The new Fiat 500 is said to have a 320 km / 200 mile range, when calculated on the European WLTP standards. However, Fiat is boasting an impressive 400 km range when driving is limited to the city.

Power for the third generation of an icon born comes from a 42-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. And it boasts an 85kw fast charger, said to provide 50 km of range with only 5 minutes of charging. Standard. Also included as standard with the purchase, will be a home charging station.

FCA will also offer the Fiat 500 with Level 2 autonomous driving, a first for a small city car.

FCA, is making the 2020 Fiat 500 a limited edition, “la Prima” will deliver only 500 units per country this year. Continuing with the Eco theme, the Fiat 500 will be offered in only 3 colours, Ocean Green, Celestial Blue, and Mineral Grey.

One more thing. Three top Italian luxury designers – Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, and Kartell – each modified a Fiat 500, which are to be auctioned. The proceeds going to Leonardo DiCaprio’s charity foundation dedicated to the long-term health and well being of all Earth’s inhabitants.

The new Fiat 500 will cost €37,900 in Italy. It will not be available in North America for 2020. Europeans will be able to purchase it from October 2020.

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Updated March 6, 2020

» WhatCar, a UK based site, says the new Fiat 500 will be on sale in early 2021, from £32,500.

[Updated] Waymo raises US$2.25 billion to scale up autonomous vehicles operations

Image of 2 self-driving Waymo cars and a self-driving semi-truck.

Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle division, has received it’s first external capital infusion from a small and significant group of investors.

On March 2, 2020, Waymo announced that it secured US$2.25 billion in financing from Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Mubadala Investment Company (the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi), as well as auto parts supplier Magna International, Andreessen Horowitz, auto retail giant AutoNation, and it’s parent company, Alphabet.

Representatives of Silver Lake and the Canadian Pension Fund will join Waymo’s board as part of the investment.

The investors are sending a strong signal that they have confidence in Waymo leading the race to bring automated vehicles to market.

Financial Times, March 6, 2020 »

The deal valued Waymo at more than $30bn, according to people familiar with the transactions. That valuation, which has not previously been reported, makes Waymo worth considerably more than the $19bn assessment for SoftBank-backed Cruise, the autonomous vehicle unit of General Motors.

More » Axios

Updated March 6, 2020

Meanwhile » Robb Report »

The future of self-driving cars is on shaky footing, and the market is starting to take note. Waymo, once valued at nearly $200 billion only 18 months ago, has just been reevaluated at $30 billion.


[Updated] Formula E » 2020 Marrakesh E-Prix » Race Reports

Round 5 of the 2020 Formula E Championship took place on the streets of Marrakesh, Morocco on February 29, 2020.

Video » Race Highlights »


Spoiler » The streets of Marrakesh saw Antonio Felix Da Costa take his first Formula E win of the season.

Antonio Felix da Costa took the Formula E championship lead by winning the Marrakech E-Prix, as his DS Techeetah team-mate, and defending Formula E Champion, Jean-Eric Vergne scored his first podium of the season. Splitting the pair in second was Max Guenther.

This means there’s been a different winner for each of the five first races of season 6.

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Race Results at the official FIA Formula E site »

Updated March 2, 2020

Video » Race Analysis »

Saunders Carmichael-Brown summarizes.

Updated March 7, 2020

Video » Full Race »


Super Bowl ad shows a … GMC Hummer? Environmentalists are going to have a cow.

So, there’s more to this rumour. The GMC Hummer nameplate is coming back, as a electric pickup truck.

The video ends with “See It 5.20.20” » apparently a planed date for some type of reveal.

Greg Migliore, Autoblog »

Hummer, the iconic, controversial and long-dead truck and SUV maker, returned this Sunday in a Super Bowl ad that previewed its comeback under the GMC brand. General Motors announced the move and teased the vehicle with a series of clips (below) Thursday morning, confirming reports of Hummer’s resurrection that have simmered for months.

The bane of environmentalists in the early 2000s, Hummer is recast as an electric-only truck capable of a jaw-dropping 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque (we believe this figure to be wheel torque) and a sprint to 60 mph in 3 seconds. “We came to play ball,” a spokesman deadpanned in an interview with Autoblog. Electric range was not revealed. The teaser shots show a grille that recalls old Hummer vehicles, though the look is updated with flashy lights.

GM will build the reborn Hummer at the Detroit-Hamtramck factory in Michigan that was once thought to be set to close. It will be revealed May 20 at an event, possibly in Las Vegas. The truck will be available in fall 2021.

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[Updated] The new Porsche Taycan » Time to celebrate a new era of driving

With their introduction of it’s first fully electric sports car, Porsche is not shy to evoke the emotional connections to the iconic 911.

Porsche Taycan and Taycan Turbo S »

  • Electricity consumption: combined: 26,9 – 26,0 kwh/100 km
  • CO2 emissions: combined: 0 g/kmbined: 0 g/km

The Highlights of the new Porsche Taycan »

Fun video » A Porsche Taycan accelerates 0-90-0 mph on the USS Hornet aircraft carrier off the coast of California

Shea Holbrook drove the Taycan from 0 to 90 mph and back to 0 in just 10.17 seconds »

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