The Your Mileage May Vary website and my other web sites were all hosted by SiteGround, on servers located in Google’s data centre in Eemshaven, Netherlands. However, I decided to move them to a different hosting provider when I found learned that SiteGround’s renewal prices were more than 4x the introductory price. I wasn’t ready to pay US$400+ per year to host my sites.

So, in November of last year I move Adventure Trend to OVH servers in Montreal. OVH is a French company with a worldwide presence. I’ve been happy with the performance, however I’ve been disappointed and frustrated by their proprietary backend that is unnecessarily complicated and convoluted. And many things are included in the basic hosting fees of other providers, is an extra cost to implement on OVH. It adds up quickly.

Earlier this year I decided to try Hostinger, an employee-owned web hosting provider, on servers in the Netherlands. Established in 2004, Hostinger has some 29 million users, collectively with its subsidiaries in 178 countries. I moved to that site, and while it is a very simple site with little traffic, it’s been solid and any tech questions have been answered quickly.

Hostinger also have a proprietary back end (most hosting companies I’ve used use cPanel backend), but it’s well done and easy to follow.

Consequently, I have moved this site to Hostinger as well, and if all continues to go well, I’ll move Adventure Trend to Hostinger before I hit the road in September.

Please let me know if you experience any problems with the site or if you have any suggestions.